Small Team, Big Dreams

Sangeeta – Founder & Chief Crafter
Sangeeta has single-handedly created our entire product range. The whole concept of SaND is her brainchild - it has been her dream for about 15 years now, and she is extremely excited to see it finally become a reality. When she isn’t in our manufacturing unit making all the products you love, you’ll be sure to find her hunting for one of the twenty pairs of glasses she’s constantly misplacing. 

This 20-something-yr-old first started selling at the age of 11. With a degree in theatre, and performances in several cities under her belt, she finally decided to share her dramatic flair by training other people. It is also her role to grow the brand at different retail spaces & formats. Given her background, she’s the one you want to hear the brand story from. A certified make-up professional, and body caster, Devika is also the artist behind the S?c? The Casting Studio 

Nritya – Troubleshooter
Our COO incarnate, this ‘newborn’ from our brand story is all grown up! Nritya's baby is the operations of the manufacturing side of the business. However, even when there's an issue with the numbers, the vendors, or the minutest details of anything SaND, our troubleshooter is up for the challenge. She has a huge sweet tooth so the best way to get on her good side is to buy her a doughnut (or a dozen!) - she’s known to polish off boxes at a time.

Rahmath –  Jack of All 
The oldest member of our family. With names, numbers and preferences of all customers up his sleeves - he takes customer satisfaction to another level. He's also the one who makes sure that the best quality raw material is found, and found in good time!