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Heal Ink

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A tattoo is like your life’s journal which is why it is imperative that it gets the care and protection that it deserves. We bring to you something that will do just that in the form of Healink, a post-tattoo cream.

What’s even better is that this isn’t just your average tattoo cream. Packed with the healing properties of Lavender oil and restorative powers of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, this cream is filled with so much goodness that even though it started out solely as a tattoo care cream, we discovered that it was destined for more and thus it became a moisturizer as well. This concoction has everything you need to treat your scars, boost your skin’s recovery and maintain it thereafter. 

Recommendation: All skin types

Directions for use: Apply over tattoo over every wash. (Wash every few hours or take required amount and apply all over the face and neck to moisturize.

Ingredients: Every 10gm contains Marigold Infusion (60.00%), Vitamin E oil (8.00%), Aloe vera (0.05%), Coconut & Marigold oil blend (7.00%), Cocoa butter (7.00%), Lanolin (5.00%), Bees Wax (3.00%), Ess.oil blend of Lavender & Cedarwood (1.00%), Vegetable Emulsifier (3.00%), Phenoxyethanol (0.05%)