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A generous dash of the minty Rosemary infusion has been added to not only keep you refreshed all day long but also smelling marvellous. The terrific combination of woody and minty scent provides the freshening action, much needed if you are mostly on your toes. Lotus extract will keep your skin hydrated and cooling Aloe Vera will impart that soothing effect.

Recommended for: All skin types 

Directions to use: Spray all over the body for lasting freshness.

Ingredients: Every 10gm contains infusion of Rosemary(93.6%), Aloe Vera (1%),Glycerin(2%)

Lotus Ext (1%), Wheat Protein(1%), Allantoin(0.5%), Dl Panthenol (0.4%),Vit E (0.5%),Blend of vodka infusions of Vanilla & Rosemary Aerial Part (0.5%)